What Actually is The Real Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor

If you're obese and have fought to lose the fat, then I'm sure you've gone to serious lengths to try to shed it. You may have tried the infomercial useless, like ab-machines, ab gadgets, training DVD's, pills, potions and magic diets, but almost nothing works!

Why is this? It doesn't follow the 3 essential fat loss factors. The 3 essential fat loss factors are essential for successful and maintained fat loss, and keeping your weight once you shed it.

I'll lightly reveal the 3 fat loss factors and how they help encourage healthy and simple fat loss, without complicated dieting, or unsafe supplements.

Your nutrition is one of the 3 factors. If you don't have your nutrition in check there's no way you'll lose fat. You can't out train a poor diet. Your nutrition must be controlled and have a good combination of proteins, carbs and healthy fats with every meal. Try to consume more regularly, 4-6 times each day and prepare food beforehand.

Strength training is another important part of fat loss. Strength training helps encourage a stronger body and more muscle. Muscle is metabolically expensive tissue that needs energy to run. The more you've got the faster your metabolism will go. It also burns lots of calories once a workout session.

Cardio is the 3rd essential ingredient of any fat loss program. You have got to do at the least some type of cardio to help burn off the fat. This is essential. You don't need to do 60 minutes each day such as a lot of programs advise, but you can do 16 minutes of cardio 3 times weekly at a high intensity using intervals to get more advantage. This has been proven to burn up to 9 times more fat than steady state, long cardio... And in my opinion it's a lot more enjoyable!

As you can see, if your existing fat loss plan doesn't follow the 3 essential fat loss factors your efforts will be lost and you will not lose the fat such as you would like.

I suggest investing in a complete program that can teach you how to consume correctly, step-by-step, and also what workouts to do at what times for how long, step-by-step therefore all you've got to do is "get to work". No complications or having to think about what to do next. It's tough enough to keep with a fat loss plan, but having to make it up yourself is even more difficult! Save yourself the effort and pick up a good program of Fat Loss Factor to work with.

Fat Loss Factor